Questions over junior netball squad

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The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 I REFER to the insight of the president of PNG Netball,  Julienne Maliaki, calling for the junior development squad to compete in the World Youth Cup in Scotland next month.

It is good to tell the players of her brilliant ideas because then, we are looking at securing a decent finish.

But after seeing the names announced for the junior development team recently, I am not convinced PNG Netball is on the right track because some of the taller players have not been included.

The team will be playing rivals who will tower over them.

From my point of view, I think that PNG Netball should be reviewing its selection criteria.

Maybe it should start with a minimum height requirement.

The selection is seen as unfair because I understand that the provinces that participated in the national championship should be represented in the national team.

But this year’s selection does not reflect that concept.

Some of the players who recently competed in the Pacific series have been dropped.

I suggest that PNG netball should put good foreign partners in charge of selection.

These partners can then train the squad. They can improve fitness and skills levels as well as instil the discipline needed to compete at the top level.

The coach and  team management who made a difference in the Pacific series should be retained. They should have the chance to take PNG’s first team to a world netball tournament.

Maybe only then can we expect to see good results from the team in Glasgow.


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