Questions over TFF funds


THE Government introduced tuition fee free for schools in the country may been seen as a success story for the country for the last 15 years.
But do we sometimes sit down and ask ourselves whether all the funds actually end up in schools for the betterment of the students?
Do we ask ourselves whether the release and coordination of the TFF is well monitored by the Department of Education?
Do we know exactly how many active schools there are in the country and how many schools have actually closed down but still continue to receive TFF?
Do we realise that many schools that have shut down are owned by church agencies such as SDA and so since these schools are already shut down, the TFF end up with the church authorities for use by pastors?
Do we know that many elementary schools in rural remote locations that receive TFF don’t have teachers teaching there?
Do we realise that some provincial TFF coordinators actually conspire with school boards from non-existent schools and put TFF monies into their pockets?
There are many related questions that one can ask regarding TFF. For all these questions, the Education Department obviously does not have answers.
Do we know that the Education secretary without proper information on how many schools have closed down, how many schools have less number of students, simply presses the button for the release of millions of kina?
Do we realise that releasing of TFF are sometimes done offline by the Education Department?
Ten years ago, more than K20 billion has gone to schools under the Government TFF policy.
Before it is too late, there is a need for an immediate investigation within the Education department in order to save millions paid out to ghost schools.

Peter Kanwing

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