Quick action by cops save detainees

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QUICK action by Wewak police has prevented what could have been a bloody raid at the police cells by angry relatives of a deceased PMV driver.
Acting provincial police commander Insp Charles Parinjo said a shotgun, bush knives and metal rods were confiscated by his men from a PMV from Yangoru last Friday.
The PMV was loaded with people from Yangoru heading into Haniak village for a fight over the death of a relative of a PMV driver the previous week.
The PMV driver was allegedly beaten to death during a confrontation along the Sepik Highway by youths.
Five suspects from Haniak were arrested and held at Wewak police cells following the incident.
Last Friday’s planned mediation was for a “bel kol” peace settlement between the two groups.
However, Insp Parinjo said emotions took over.
The relatives tried to attack the youths in the police cell block by attempting to break into  the cell in pursuit of the five Haniak suspects.
“Under my instructions, I told my men to prevent this and further instructed them to search the vehicle.
“Just as well, we were able to prevent what could have been a bloody confrontation,” Insp Parinjo said.
He is treating this incident as “very serious” and warned that police would not tolerate such actions in the future.
“I am issuing a stern warning to all the people of East Sepik that police will not tolerate anyone who come to the police station and try to launch attack on those already accused of an offence and held in State custody.”