Race unites communities at Watung-West Papua border

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The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 PREPARATIONS are well underway for the second annual Cross Border 10km Run to be held on the Indonesian side of the border near Wutung in the Sandaun province on October 30.

The run starts at Muara Tami, Skouw, in West Papua and ends in Wutung village, West Sepik.

Acting Consul Allen Simarmata who is based at the Indonesian consulate in Vanimo confirmed that 400 runners from each country would compete. 

There will be 200 residents from Papua and 200 from Wutung, who will be divided  into four divisions – from the open categories (men/women) to youth (students). 

Speaking from Vanimo, Sirmarmata told The National yesterday that the theme for this year’s event was “Run for Friendship”. 

 The aim of the run is to maintain communication between the governments.

The Indonesian government and the PNG Government, particularly the citizens around the borders of the two countries, also to promote people-to-people contact and to create a healthy life style.

He said the 10km Run was organised by the Indonesia Consulate in Vanimo in collaboration with the Papua Provincial Government of Indonesia and Sandaun Provincial Government of Papua New Guinea.

There will be K25,500 (Rp 100,000,000) prize money up for grabs. The run is expected to bring a fresh new positive look in the cooperation in the border between Indonesia and PNG especially in an effort to increase mutual cooperation in the field of socio-cultural and sports between the two countries.

The inaugural event  last year was attended by 200 people and was sponsored by one of the world largest copper and gold mine in Indonesia, Free Port Limited and was supported by other minor sponsors from Indonesia and Sandaun.