Radio station reaches out

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 CHRISTIAN radio communication network Radio Light has extended its coverage to Tari-Pori in  Hela  after local MP and Minister for Finance James Marape presented K250,000 towards costs.

 Marape and local pastors, including his father,had to walk  long distances without logistical support to preach.

He said those pastors travelled to places that some people may not want to do so  voluntarily these days  to take God’s message.

Marape said despite having to negotiate swift rivers, steep mountains and swamps, they are managing to reach  inland areas where no roads connected.

“I am now commemorating their tireless call in spreading the gospel to those souls living in far distances and want the Christian radio to open up coverage in the electorate so that those souls out there can be saved through  broadcast preaching.” 

Radio Light Christian broadcasting network chairman Andrew Ogil thanked Marape for his efforts and funding.

He said  inspirational messages  helped  people become better leaders and those leaders moved on to build nations.