Radio stations helping to strengthen faith


I ACKNOWLEDGE the wonderful work of Wantok Radio Light, 2 Witnesses Radio and Hope FM.
These Christian radio stations have helped strengthen my faith in the Lord Jesus with their programmes.
The Wantok Radio Light programmes that I am blessed listening to are (Big Bama) Joyce Meyer, Guidelines for Living, Back To The Bible, Ps Jack Kipoi and Richard George.
Their messages nourish and grow my faith with other powerful and soul nourishment programmes.
I thank 2 Witnesses Radio and Hope FM for playing sweet and inspirational songs.
I am blessed by listening to Ps Peter Yambe of 2 Witnesses Radio, who talks about family matters and related issues.
Ps Yambe teaches on how we can apply biblical principles in our lives.
I am blessed by listening to other preachers, who usually come on these radio stations during different segments and share inspirational messages.
I thank the sponsors and churches who make it possible for all these Godly and life transformational programmes to come on air through the mentioned radio stations.

Netzah Karu Kendino,
Taurama Valley,
Moresby South

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