Rai Coast needs a visionary leader

Letters, Normal

THE recent release of James Yali from Beon on parole and his ambition to contest in the Rai Coast by-election are the main topics among the people in and around Madang.
He has been seen with some prominent leaders and citizens in both public and private places and it will be no surprise if NEC grants him pardon.
In the midst of political manoeuvring and power play by politicians and bureaucrats, the needs of the people of Rai Coast have taken a political hibernation and signs of cargo cult mentality are re-emerging.
It is truly a very sad state of affair in Rai Coast, especially Astrolabe Bay, Mot, Warup, Naho Rawa and Nayudo.
There are no services in these areas and the infrastructures built during the colonial days are in dire need of immediate attention.
We need some visionary leaders of NCD Governor’s calibre to get things moving in Rai Coast.

Trupela Raikos
Canberra, Australia