Railway system plans set

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THE possibility of introducing a railway system is among several policy developments being initiated by the Department of Transport and its development partners, an official says.
Transport and Infrastructure Minister William Samb, who launched a Medium-Term Transport Plan 2 (MTTP 2) 2019-2022 on Tuesday, said work had started with central agencies and development partners to facilitate the Connect PNG Initiative to link up the country.
Samb said the development of the railway policy was progressing.
“It is anticipated that by mid-next year, a comprehensive railway policy with appropriate supporting legislations would be ready to progress the development of railway transport in the country,” he said.
Another was an electric vehicle development policy which would in the near future facilitate the introduction of electric vehicles in the country.
“This will no doubt reduce the cost of the transportation and provide clean energy to enhance our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Samb said.
He said it was an implementation plan for the national transport strategy developed to provide a holistic approach to the development of three modes of transport- land, sea and air.
He said the plan, for the first time, had identified new mega infrastructure projects poised to propel the country’s export-driven agenda forward.
“This includes development of Vanimo, Wewak, Kikori, Manus and other wharves, aimed at providing the necessary port infrastructure for areas which are developing massive large-scale agriculture commodities for export,” he said.


  • I would like to commend the Minister for Transportation and the team for these innovative idea to build railway system. I strongly believe that, these proposed plan would benefit many people who are suffering in the report part of country. Having saying this because, many people are living in the remotest part of the country where there is no proper road links, people are walking three to four days to reach to the nearest station or towns to access to the basic goods and services like market, school, education, health and etc…
    Once again thank you so much and may God bless such an innovative plans.

  • This is an excellent alternative to the current transportation infrastructures in place but is a very cheap means of transport that will help this nation develop. Highly recommended. Thank you Transport and Infrastructure Minister.

  • It is a good plan but how up to date are we managing the main industrial highways? The landscape and landslide stricken regions in PNG cannot build railways. Railway will only serve those that have money and the main locations will be served. Please keep maintaining the poorly managed existing highways.

  • Minister this is long overdue. Transport is the main foundation to grow our economy and bring essential services to our people. Without this sector we may find difficult to make our country the richest country.

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