Rain a test for construction sites


PORT Moresby city is facing the biggest challenge with wet weather never experienced in such magnitude in several decades.
This wet weather season will reflect the efficiency of all civil works done in the city in the past and present.
All “construction companies” and “petty construction companies” should have civil engineers.
They must be duty bound by their qualification(s) to enforce safety and risk-avoidance exercise in constructing civil works.
They should ignore their employers’ advice on doing light works when substance is required.
Again, they are duty bound by their qualification(s).
Port Moresby and the southern part of PNG experiences wet weather from October to March/April. Papua New Guinea is situated along the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean.
It lies along the equator, a young island, exposed to Southeast Asia monsoonal rain and north Australian cyclones.
I guess, in constructing civil works, inputs from geologist, volcanologist, nearest weather office and other stakeholders are necessary.
Sharing some way back year 12 geography knowledge.
I guess my brother Rob Agen (civil engineer) can shed the light on this. This letter is not intended to degrade our professional civil engineers.
A few of them are my brothers too.

Dr James Naipao
National President
National Doctors’ Association

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