Rain causes havoc for highway

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Words and picture by ZACHERY PER

THE Daulo Pass section of the Highlands Highway is under threat of continuous heavy rain.
Mudslides and landslips have been a regular threat to commuters and motorists, especially between Daulo Pass in Eastern Highlands and Chuave in Chimbu.
On Monday, mud slipped onto the Kanaveroka section in Daulo.
One of the locals, Verapa Sune, said boys from the village cleared the mud and directed traffic through the lighter pile of debris.
Mr Sune said when Covec Construction Company cleared a huge landslide in the area in 2008, they failed to properly divert the course of small creeks coming from the top of the mountain.
“When it rains, the creek swells and carry mud, stones and other debris from the top and deposit them on the road,” he said.
About 2km down from Kanaveroka, landslips triggered by rain are slowly cutting away the highway.