Rain waters cut off Magi Highway

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 31, 2010


(UPNG journalism student)

ROADS along the Magi Highway, Central, have been affected by the continuous heavy downpour in the past few days.

City residents traveling to their villages for the festive season were left stranded on the roads, unable to cross the flooded rivers and bridges.

A queue of vehicles could not cross the flooded Ulapana River on the road leading to Aroma. 

Several men were seen attempting to cross the flooded river with a rope with other men holding on at the other end.

Another traveller, Ulea Iamo, was hoping to get home ahead of the Aroma Coast annual canoe race that commenced yesterday but was stuck since Tuesday.

Another family also from Aroma was caught up not once but twice in their attempt to get to the village to be with their families. 

“We’ve been on the road for one whole night and day and are still stranded here,” she said.

Many vehicles travelling to and from Aroma have been stranded at different locations where heavy rains have stalled their journey.

Ulapana and nearby Kalamona are the most flooded areas along the Magi Highway.