Raising children


IT brings tears to my eyes to see children on the streets and in villages without education.
Many of these kids are really brilliant but they have no chance to be educated because their parents can’t afford it.
Let me get this straight to all the parents in Papua New Guinea, every child is a gift from God.
It is not right that parents should have many kids and then not give them education.
Before you think about having another kid, please think about how you are going to support that kid all the way through from childhood to college or university.
If you can’t afford to look after your child in his or her journey of education, then don’t bother trying to have one.
This may seem absurd, but the future of this country depends on your children.
By not putting your children to school, you are depriving them of education and at the same time depriving this country of a future.
Maybe God’s plan for your child is for him or her to be a doctor.
Young people who are newly married should not take lightly the prospect of having a child.
If your child is precious in God’s eyes, he or she should also be precious in your eyes.
Family planning is very important. If we have more uneducated children than educated children in this country, then we are heading for disaster.
So many children in this country are not being educated because parents can’t afford to send them to school.
So parents, what is your job? Don’t enjoy the pleasure of making children and then when they are born, forget about their future.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang

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