Rait FM bumper sticker marathon hits Lae

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


RAIT FM99.5, a subsidy of CHM, a local radio station promoting local artists and their music, is gaining popularity among listeners.

The radio staged a marathon of Rait FM 

bumper sticker blitz on Monday in Lae and 

more than 100 vehicles that passed through the gate of Sir Ignatius Kilage indoor stadium car park.

The owners of vehicles were asked to text their names and car registration to 16RAIT and listen from 6am to 6pm daily for a chance to win a RAIT FM bumper sticker prize pack.

Radio personality Uncle ET, who was doing a live crossover, said the station was into its fifth month of operation.

The station was established to safeguard and support local artists from piracy, which is killing the music industry.

He said artists could receive royalties for their songs that were played on the station depending on the number of air plays and there had been good response from business houses in Lae and Port Moresbywho want to advertise and sell their products through this station.