Rally reveals children, women violence increasing

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A RALLY was held in Mt Hagen last Friday as part of a campaign against violence against women and children.
Many people attended including women leaders and prisoners from Baisu.
It was revealed during the rally that violence against women and children in Western Highlands province was increasing.
As of last week, 93 cases of sexual violence against women and children were reported at the Mt Hagen police station.
Sgt Susan Mondiai of the community policing unit said cases of violence against women and children was increasing because there was no respect of women and children.
She said out of court settlements were common, following attacks and was a contributing factor to the escalating rate of violence against women and children.
As part of the campaign, primary school students, teachers, police, NGO groups, as well as women inmates of the Baisu prison, took to the streets to say “no to violence”.
They said women and children were not objects, machines or slaves, but were human beings that deserved to be praised and supported.
Students with placards and banners spoke strongly that women and children’s rights were abused in their society.
Julie Nogla, team leader of the women inmates, who were convicted of family violence challenged the men to respect women and children.