Rambi discusses labour issues

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The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MINISTER for Labour and Industrial Relations Sani Rambi presented the government’s response to the global reports on a new era of social justice and the ‘ongoing challenge of equality at work’ at the International Labour Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, last week.
At the 100th session of the conference, Rambi provided an overview of the challenges facing the country on the rule of law on labour and efforts the government is embarking on to strike a balance between economic prosperity and respect for human dignity.
“The ongoing challenge of equality at work, which is detailed in this year’s Global Report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, is held at heart by PNG,” he said.
“It indicates that a 100 sessions of continuous dialogue and 85 years of standard setting does unearth more and more challenges as the world of work continues to get complex,” Rambi said.
Rambi stressed the importance of labour law reforms to address gaps unearthed by the influx of an increasing economic activities, the importance in value of tripartite consultations to reach decisions of national interest and the importance of conformity with internationally accepted and adopted standards.
He pledged the government’s commitment to work with the ILO in making these challenges assets for the country.
“My young country formally joined the ILO in 1976 barely a year after we gained independence from Australia in 1975.
“PNG salutes the ILO for its ongoing efforts in finding the best and sustainable way forward for decency at work to be realised globally.
“My government’s commitment will remain in as far as our focus takes into full consideration humanity at all levels of the society,” Rambi said.
Public Service Minister Moses Maladina accompanied  Rambi to the conference.