Rambi: No services without law, order

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PEOPLE in communities  will have access to government services and development if there is order, Internal Security Minister Sani Rambi said in Chimbu last Friday.
He told the people of Naur-Gor in Kundiawa-Gembogl district that if laws were not followed and there was disorder, the flow of basic services would also be disrupted.
He was speaking at the Papnigl Primary School where he officiated at the fifth anniversary of the Naur-Gor government and delivered a new community policing troop carrier for Kerowagi police.
Rambi commended the Naur-Gor community for its efforts in the last five years in mobilising the community to focus on self-reliance projects and tribal unity.
He praised Catholic priest Fr Jan Jaworski, who took the initiative to unite the people and form the community government.
Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Joe Mek Teine presented Jaworski with K1,000 and another K1,000 to former chairman Joe Bruno, who had travelled to Chimbu from Rabaul, East New Britain, to be with the people on their special day.
Mek Teine presented the other K6,000 to the directors of United Naur-Gor.
The member also commended Jaworski and his directors for successfully transforming a community, which had been ravaged by tribal fights for 32 years, into an orderly and united society.
“I also acknowledge the tremendous efforts of former chairman Bruno, Joe Nopro and Mark Tonar and all their executives,” Mek Teine said.
He said it was a successful community government and the Kundiawa-Gembogl joint district planning and  budget priorities committee (JDPBPC) would continue to provide funding support for services to be delivered.
Jaworski was also awarded the “chief” of the Naur-Gor people last Friday.
More than 20 singsing groups provided entertainment with the slaughtering of 30 pigs and a guard of honour for the guests by members of the Naur-Gor community police unit.
Guests included Coffee Industry Corporation chief executive officer Navi Anis, Kundiawa Catholic diocese bishop Anton Bal and the Narku, Sambla-Waugla, Endugla and Barie tribes.