Ramu NiCo gifts win developer high praise from school


EDUCATION is the key to opening new doors to a brighter future for children, says the vice-president of Ramu NiCo, Zhao Deqian.
The company gave 60 new desks and chairs to the St Edward’s Primary School at Kurumbukari in the Usino-Bundi district of Madang.
Zhao led a company delegation to the school on Tuesday, Nov 28. He also presented sports items to the students.
Deputy headteacher Ravu thanked Ramu NiCo (MCC) for the donation.
“Similar assistance was made last year and the school is very thankful to the developer for its continuous generosity to the school,” he said.
He thanked the company for the new water supply.
“This goes to show that the developer is very keen in supporting education for our children, who are going to be the next generation of educated elites in Kurumbukari,” Ravu said.
School board member Anton Yori said the school was established by Ramu NiCo in 2011 for children of landowners in Kurumbukari who were moved to live at Enekuai because of mining activities on their land.