Ramu NiCo giving managers a chance to be better leaders


THE RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd is providing workshops and training to improve the leadership quality of its managers and directors, an executive says.
Community affairs executive general manager Yuan Zhi said the training helped staff in team building, strategic planning and decision-making.
“In addition they are taught financial management and legal compliance strategies,” he said.
“The leadership courses teach valuable insights, proven to work in a real world environment.”
The training from Jan 22 to 26 was run by the chairman of Kumul Consolidated Holdings Paul Nerau, managing director of MRL Capital Limited Laurance Rausim and Divine Word University lecturer Madam Lolloraine.
Zhi said the training taught staff new leadership skills to improve their performance.
He also said Ramu NiCo would be happy to provide services and guidelines for all landowner companies and make contributions towards building credible leadership qualities into the future.

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