Ramu NiCo a leader in the Pacific


THE Ramu nickel-cobalt project investment in Madang is the largest in the Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand, according to Ramu Nico President Gao Yongxue.
He said the investment provided the foundation for Ramu NiCo to become the role model for bilateral cooperation between China and PNG.
Yongxue highlighted this during a visit by Mining Minister Johnson Tuke.
“As the largest Chinese investment in the Pacific region, we are obligated to enhance the relationship between China and PNG,” he said.
“Ramu NiCo is strategically located in the growing economic relationship between China and PNG. We want to be here for the long term for further cooperation and development opportunities.
“Therefore, we will emphasise more on the sustainable development on a multi-lateral and more profound level.”
Yongxue said the monthly production of the project was maintained well above 3000 tonnes and production capacity above 106 per cent, giving the company great opportunity for the long-term production sustainability and consistency.
The high production sustainability is the result of the company’s’ aim to cut production cost while increasing efficiency through management enhancement.
It is also making efforts to help landowners improve their livelihood.