Ramu NiCo recognised for hitting record high, stable production


RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) has been recognised for maintaining high and stable production at 108.4 per cent design capacity with nickel and cobalt production hitting new records last year.
The recognition has been made by its parent company, China Minmetals Corporation.
Chairman Zong Shaoxing said this from the company’s Beijing office in China on Friday during the 2019 annual working conference.
It was attended simultaneously via video conference by offices in Beijing, China, KBK mine, Basamuk refinery and Madang operations base.
China Minmetals also recognised MCC for completing its annual budget.
One of its senior managers at Basamuk processing plant, Wang Changjiang, was awarded the ‘model worker’ of MCC Group, while Jia Deyu was awarded the ‘advanced individual for safe production’.
Zong said the achievement highlighted the recognition and encouragement by China Minmetals.
China Minmetals is a Chinese metals and mineral trading company headquartered in Beijing.
It is engaged in production and trading of metals and minerals including copper, aluminium, tungsten, tin, antimony, lead, zinc and nickel.
It is one of the biggest metals and minerals trading companies, and iron and steel contractors and service provider in China.
The company handles more than 12 million tonnes of steel products annually.
It also trades iron, coke, coal, copper, zinc, and lead.
In addition to the trade of metals, China Minmetals also trades in electrical products and operates subsidiaries that focus on real estate development, marine shipping, mining, and other investment activities.
The conference also recognised outstanding employees in the Ramu project at its operations sites in KBK mine, Basamuk processing plant, Madang operations base and Beijing office.
“On behalf of the board, I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to all the employees of Ramu NiCo for your hard work and contribution,” Zong said.