Ramu NiCO workers get certificates after training


TEN employees of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) mine development section have been recognised as qualified chainsaw operators and logging supervisors.
They were presented with certificates yesterday.
Of the 10 employees, three received chainsaw operators’ level two certificate and five received supervisor level one certificates following a training certified by the Timber and Forestry Training College (TFTC) last year.
Superintendent of mine development section, Teatutau Sione, presented the certificates to the employees at the KBK mine site.
Sione thanked the management of KBK mine and MCC for sponsoring the training.
The level-two training for chainsaw operators followed a level-one training which was conducted in 2016 by the TFTC
“It’s a challenge for you to improve and demonstrate your skills and capability,” Sioni said.
“You must prove to the company that you are qualified and competent.”
He said the mine development section had come a long way since its establishment in 2016, and had already proved to the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) that it could carry out its logging activities safely at the KBK mine.
Sione said after MRA granted the logging permission to MCC, the company began recruiting chainsaw operators and qualified logging experts from around the country.
He said TFTC was involved with training of chainsaw operators as part of the condition of the MRA to do with MCC compliance.
“To show MRA that we are concerned with safety in clear-felling during logging operation, so far we have done well in upskilling our employees,” Sioni said.

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