RamuNico powers village

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 GANGLAU village, near the Basamuk refinery in Madang received a 65 KVA generator from Ramu NiCo on May 30.

Village leaders Sande Suang and Mou Bilang received the generator on behalf of more than 500 Ganglau villagers. 

The generator will be used to power Ganglau Hope Elementary School, Ganglau aidpost, the new Ganglau Guest House and village houses.

Basamuk community affairs superintendent Jacky Wang handed the key to Suang on behalf of Ramu NiCo. 

In return, Bilang gave a bow and arrow to Wang, while village women painted his face in the reddish traditional colour of the Raicoast.

Wang congratulated the villagers and said Ramu NiCo hoped the generator would be used to enhance and their living standards.