Rangers’ actions are primitive

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

GOVERNOR Powes Par­kop should take full responsibility for the ac­tions of the city rangers.
As if police brutality was not enough, now we have these uncivilised rangers too.
As a former human rights lawyer, one would think he would show some sense when dealing with this situation.
But he chose to act like a savage by sending wild dogs to destroy the livelihood of innocent street vendors.
This approach is pri­mitive, just like the people he hired.
It is really sad to see the go­vernor treating the people this way.
His ego is so inflated he has chosen to ignore the public’s view.
He should put his pride aside and humble himself by listening to the people.
Otherwise, when his time is up, all his good work will be forgotten and he will be remembered as a city ranger.

Eagle Eye
Port Moresby