Rangers here to stay

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The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MASTA Mak City Rangers owner Kelly Aiyok has disputed recent media reports on the likelihood of his team’s exit in next year’s intercity competition.
Aiyok confirmed yesterday that Rangers would be competing in next year’s competition.
Aiyok is upset with talks of  his team could be cut off at this early stage when there was still time to make necessary payments like debts and the franchise fee (K90,000) before the competition starts in May.
PNGNRL chairman Don Fox last week singled out the Rangers as a team  in doubt for the 2011 competition.
However, Aiyok insisted that his team would be part of the new season.
“It’s premature to come out early like this and tell us that we will not be taking part just because we have outstanding debts with the PNGNRL.
“This team is my baby and it is our third year into the competition,” Aiyok said.
“We will sort all that (debts) out and it is, as I have said,  too early for Fox to come out and tell us that we could be out.”
Rangers are believed to owe PNGNRL outstanding gate takings which Aiyok said they were ready to settle before the March deadline.
Aiyok further said he was “101%” committed to Rangers being part  of the competition.
He said he did not have a chance to see Fox as he was out of Port Moresby on business but would meet with the PNGNRL chairman when he returned.
“I want to make it clear to all Rangers fans that the Rangers are not out.”
Aiyok revealed that the PNGNRL also owed his franchise money but proposed a solution.
“We were also not paid by the PNGNRL for some of our trips and match expenses and they, too, owe us some amount of money.
“But I will write-off the debt and pay them early and whatever they owe us can be put straight as our part payment of the K90,000 and the rest, I will top it up,” Aiyok said.