Rangers, Pirates banned for 3yrs


LAE Rugby League has imposed three-year bans on Tent City Rangers and 14B Pirates over player and spectator violence that occurred during the A-grade grand final last month.
Rangers were banned due to actions of its supporters who brought the game into disrepute by throwing objects onto the field.
According to a statement by the league, Rangers supporters instigated the fight and Pirates were banned due to their players fighting.
Pirates players retaliated against Rangers fans as they ran off the field and engaged in the fight.
Pirates supporters also fought with Rangers fans and invaded the pitch.
The league said both clubs had breached the national governing body’s code of conduct for players and spectators.
The league’s judiciary banned nine Pirates players with their team manager for one year for leading the retaliation against Rangers fans.
Tent City’s team manager was banned for five matches and the club was fined K500 for not complying with the league’s instructions.
League president Adrian Chow said a fortnight ago that the two clubs had been given 14 days to appeal the decision.
“I commend the league’s acting judiciary chairman, Steven Malum, and his panel for their consideration of the video footage and reports which ensure those responsible are held accountable for their actions,” he said.
“I hope the bans send a strong message that there is zero tolerance on violence in rugby league.
“Spectators and players must exercise restraint so that on-field incidents remain on the field and are dealt with by match officials.
“It is unfortunate that innocent supporters and players will be affected by the club bans.
“But this is necessary to change the mindset of the minority who do not wish to act with respect and in true sportsmanship.”
As of yesterday, the league said it had not received any appeal from Pirates and Rangers.
However, both clubs had paid their appeal fees with Rangers paying theirs to the league account yesterday.
Pirates paid their appeal fee last Friday.