Ransomware, targeted attacks hitting PNG firms


RANSOMWARE and targeted attacks are the most common hacking attacks affecting companies in PNG, according to an expert.
Deloitte PNG information technology and cyber-security specialist Alberto Cimas told The National that, in PNG, most computer or phone users were not aware of cyber-security risks and how hackers operated.
“Things can get worse when you fall victim to these attacks using your company computer because the ransomware will infect other computers and devices in your company’s network, creating ultimately a huge disaster,” he said.
“I have witnessed many of these attacks and I’ve helped companies recover from such attacks.”
Cimas said targeted attacks were for single and specific individuals or company.
“These type of attacks are roughly 10 per cent of the hacking attacks we see in PNG,” he said.
“They are not common but are dangerous because there is a criminal group behind the attack, and a real and strong motivation, for example cash, confidential data, reputational damage etc.
“We have seen a few of these attacks last year and this is extremely serious because it means that PNG is not isolated in terms of cyber-security.
“But we are now in the spotlight of cyber-criminals.
“Reports from national security agencies around the world show an agreement in the fact that the third world war has already started and it is being fought with non-conventional weapons inside the cyberspace.
“The one who manages to control the cyberspace, will control the worldwide trade markets, currencies, the political will of the world and even the minds and way of thinking of the people.”