Rapa urging councillors to educate people to get vaccinated

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Mt Hagen rural local level government (LLG) president Wai Rapa is urging his 42 ward councillors to educate their people to be vaccinated.
Rapa said he received his vaccination and ward councillors needed to start doing awareness in their wards so people could have a positive attitude towards the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines.
He said the virus was a killer and people needed protection and at this stage vaccination was the only answer.
“Everyone comes from a community and there are leaders there that can help to educate them,” he said.
Rapa said some were seen dying in Mt Hagen and others infected were “very weak”.
“The Delta virus is more serious and deadly and it is claiming so many lives, therefore I’m appealing to my councillors to start taking the lead,” he said.
“Many people are believing in social media which is delivering a very wrong and bad impression and false information about the vaccine. It is very funny to see people trying to take over the position of a scientist or a medical doctor to condemn the vaccine.
“Some are even thinking that this will lead to 666 and I’m questioning myself why some ignorant people are going around spreading lies and brainwashing others.”
Rapa said there was a group of scientists in Papua New Guinea that was against the vaccine but this group could not build a car or an airplane or even the Covid-19 vaccine.
“PNG seems to have so many people with different ideas but they cannot do anything but good at talking,” he said.
“I want my councillors to start taking the lead to encourage our people to be vaccinated.”