Rape bid ends in jail

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013


A MAN who bashed an old woman and tried to rape her has been jailed for two years.

Ape Dickson, 23, from Koge, Sinasina, Chimbu, was sentenced in the Lae District Court by Magistrate Nasaling Bingtau. 

He was charged with unlawful assault and in being in possession of homebrew. 

Bingtau told him to spend his time in prison praying so he could be a changed man when released. 

The court heard Dickson was intoxicated on homebrew when he went into the woman’s garden and beat her. 

He later tried to strip her and force himself on her. 

The attack took place at 9.30am on Oct 16 at Igam Block, in Lae.  

Police prosecutor Chris Miria said Dickson wore a green mask and a blue shirt. He said the accused had held down the woman’s head before trying to remove her clothes.

Miria said some men came to her rescue when she shouted for help.

The court heard that men from the community caught Dickson after they chased him into a house. 

Police said a container containing homebrew was found. Dickson pleaded guilty to both charges.

When asked by Bingtau why he tried to rape an old woman, Dickson said he was on his way to do something but the woman had stood in his way and he had to get rid of her.

Bingtau told Dickson his actions were illegal and it was people like him who were causing problems in towns and cities.