Rape suspect found dead in cell

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A MAN detained after being accused of raping a minor was found dead in a police station cell last week, police have confirmed.
Kerema police station commander Senior Inspector Michael Pakyei confirmed yesterday that the man was brought to the station by relatives of the minor last Wednesday at around 1pm.
“(He) was detained in the cells.
“During the 8am roll call the next day, he was found motionless on the floor,” he said. “A doctor from the Kerema General Hospital confirmed that he was dead.
“It was a mysterious death as no one, including the detainees and the night cell guard, didn’t hear any sound of fighting or shouting in the night.”
He said the man of mixed Gulf and Central parentage had allegedly raped the girl at the Mamuru settlement.
“The girl’s relatives brought him to the police station and demanded that we detain him without being charged,” he said.
But when police advised them to lodge a formal complaint so that he could be charged, they said they would return the next day.
The man, who was detained for his safety, was found dead the next morning.
“We are investigating the alleged rape because we suspect that it was planned as the girl was taken from her village to the settlement by her relative,” Snr Insp Pakyei said.
“And at the settlement she was allegedly raped.
“We are suspecting that it was a planned abduction and rape.
“We will also investigate his death after we get the post-mortem report.”
Meanwhile, a 60-year-old official with the Gulf administration will appear tomorrow before the Kerema District Court for allegedly molesting a minor.
Snr Insp Pakyei said the man was facing charges of sexual penetration, sexual touching and abuse of trust.


  • He may have been so overwhelmed by guilt that he must have suffocated himself to death.

  • Obviously PNG mentality will sync in to saying SANGUMA KILIM..otherwise Nature has it’s own way of executing justice.

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