Raped daughter gives birth

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A 54-YEAR-OLD father of six was jailed 18 years with hard labour by the National Court in Kokopo for raping and impregnating his 12-year-old daughter in 2017.
The father started molesting his second biological daughter when she was five and started raping her when she was 12 until she became pregnant at 14.
Acting judge Justice Paul Tusais told the father: “The pattern of abuse is over nine years.
“It is a serious breach of an existing relationship of trust.
“Authority and dependency between daughter and father relationship is normally a bond that is usually very strong.
“You subjected your daughter to constant sexual abuse.
“It is difficult to imagine what kind of experiences (she had undergone) but it is a good guess that it is akin to living in a seemingly unending nightmare,” Justice Tusais said.
“She became pregnant at a very young age and this has already had drastic effects on her young life.
“Her childhood innocence was stolen when her own father introduced her to sex which is an adult activity.
“She became a mother at 15 when she herself is still a child.
“All children have a right to be carefree and enjoy that short period in life without worry and stress,” he added.
The court heard that the sex acts occurred when the girl’s mother was away for work and job training courses.
The father raped his daughter on several occasions in 2017 and the following years of 2018 and 2019, and in September 2019, the victim became pregnant.
He continued to have sex with her on three occasions while she was pregnant before leaving the province for duty travel.
Last year, the girl’s teacher discovered that she was eight months pregnant and she had to leave school to give birth to a baby boy in June.
Justice Tusais told the father: “Offenders like you deprive children of this priceless once in a lifetime experience when they commit such selfish and self-centred acts for their own gratification.
“You continue to have sex with your daughter after she got pregnant.
“The last three occasions happened last May, about two months before she gave birth.
“You showed very little regard to your daughter while continuing to satisfy your own lust and perversion,” Justice Tusais remarked.
The father, from Lorengau’s Lelemadih Bubichupeu local level government, Manus will serve the balance of 17 years and eight months in Kerevat Prison.