Ratings meet underway for Southern region

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THE fifth southern regional rating conference for all standard and guidance officers is underway at the March Girls’ Resort outside Port Moresby on the Magi Highway.
This year’s week-long conference was hosted by the Central provincial government and Central provincial administration.
Education provincial adviser Titus Hatagen, in welcoming the participants and the students, said he was grateful for the attendance from all standard officers in Southern region at the elementary and primary level.
He said this year they had included the school principals in the rating conference so that they know and understand how their schools had been rated.
“Your presence and input will contribute and help us in achieving excellence in education for schools in the Southern region,” he said.
Meanwhile, deputy provincial administrator Manaseh Rapilla said the regional rating conference had a significant and crucial role towards achieving good academic results through the teacher performance rating.
He said standard officers were tasked with the key role to assessing teachers in the Southern region and, in doing so, must stand firm in carrying out the task of assessing and rating teachers with responsibility, integrity, honesty and without fear or favour.
He said biased reporting from experience also contributed to the fall of academic standard in schools in Central province.
Mr Manaseh urged the provincial education adviser and the standard officers to have an open dialogue approach to assist each other by sharing ideas and suggestions to instill and strengthen regional identity.
“Our network should be linked up strongly regionally; together we can make a difference for the better in Central province education,” he said.
Regional director for education standard division and Southern region Annemarie Kona said principals were there to observe the rating and to understand how to do reports.