Raukele win with better run rate

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A VERY interesting showdown of the men’s A grade match in Port Moresby saw Chilli Sounds Raukele defeat  BNG Poreporena on run rate on Sunday.
Despite the scores in favour of Poreporena, who batted first and were all out for 195 after 39 overs, Raukele managed to get the win with just 7/180 in 31 overs on run rate.
The match was stopped at 6pm, the compulsory closing time required by Pom cricket, and had to be decided on run rate.
 At 31 overs, Poreporena had scored a total of 164 runs compared to Raukele’s 180, and therefore, the match was awarded to Raukele.
Port Moresby cricket will be going into the finals this weekend in the B Grade, U19, U16 and women’s semi finals.
The top four teams in each grade playing in the semi finals this weekend which are in the B grade: BH-STC Curries (minor premiers), Coasters, KCC and CS Raukele.
In the U19 division: SNS United (minor premiers), BH-STC, KCC and BNG Poreporena while the U16 division has SNS United (minor premiers), BNG Poreporena, BH-STC and Coasters taking the field.
SNS United (minor premiers), Coasters, BNG Poreporena and PMMI Taora will face off in the women’s division this weekend.
All semi finals will be played in the format: 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. Teams are also expected to provide their own match balls in semi finals while for the Port Moresby Cricket Association (PMCA) board will supply match balls for the grand finals.
The association would also like to notify clubs of the eligibility rules.
Except with the permission of the board, a player will not be eligible to participate in a finals series match unless he/she has played a minimum of three games to qualify for this weekend’s finals.
A player shall not be eligible to participate in the finals series match if he/she has played in more matches in a higher grade or grades.
A player who plays in a semi final match shall be eligible to play in the grand final match of that grade.