Raun Raun theatre in Goroka reopens

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THE thatched-roof home of the National Dramatic Arts Troupe, closed down eight years ago by health authorities in Goroka, has been renovated and reopened.
The 37-year-old home of the Raun Raun Theatre was designed by architect Paul Frame.
It had been in a state of disrepair for some time before it was decided to renovate it.
Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Emil Tammur directed the renovation work.
National Cultural Commission acting executive director Steven Kilanda said during the ceremony the building was as old as independent PNG.
“It is the face of our dramatic arts, the face of our living cultures.”
Tammur urged everyone to upgrade its programme and improve work ethics and commitment.
“We must design programmes and theatre that bring back our languages, our traditional dances, our unique songs and bring to life our legends and folklore,” he said.
“Our cultures should be vibrant, living and dynamic, not dying. They should be interactive.”
The renovation cost more than K300,000.
Kilanda said the work was completed in less than six months and thanked National Dramatic Arts Troupe director John Doa and his team for their work.
Doa said it showed what could be done through innovative and creative thinking.
“Getting money is hard but a good doable proposal will always find a willing ear,” he said.
“That has been my experience. Take the time to do good proposals. Justify well. Get your facts right.
“Do your finances well.”