Re-arranging chairs will not increase numbers: PM


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says re-arranging deck chairs in the same boat is not going to increase numbers for the Opposition.
Commenting yesterday on the merging of the PNG Party and National Alliance, he said: “He (Sir Mekere Morauta- Moresby North West MP) has been with more parties than any other leader in the country’s history.
“He went from PDM to PNG Party to Pangu to now NA and was an independent member for so many times between parties.
“Sadly for him, this political opportunism will leave him isolated, lacking in friends and respect, with shattered dreams and no party will be his legacy.
“He had nothing to show for as prime minister during his tenure, and today has zero policy agenda for the country.
“He is the same person who changed the Somare NA government in 2011, and now sees fit to be bedfellows with the party he helped to remove.
“The reality is that sleeping together in the same party he defeated will not be comfortable for NA members.
“The people of our nation want leaders with clear conviction, with integrity and loyalty. They will never get that from Mekere.”