Re-establish IPA in Highlands region

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th January 2012

I AM not sure why the government has closed the IPA Highlands regional centre near the highlands highway at Tega close to Kagamuga airport.
The area and the building is now used by the division of education and called the resource centre.
IPA regional training centres are in Madang, Rabaul and Port Moresby for the three regions and what about the Highlands region?
We have waited patiently and nothing has been done.
We have more population and a lot of public servants and others want to do further training to upgrade their qualifications while on job.
It is too costly to travel to Port Moresby to do a training course.
Could the IPA board and the government reset the centre for us the highlanders to do our training instead of going to Port Moresby.
Over to you, the authorities

Robert Kopi
via email