Reading chance for 50

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MORE than 50 illiterate children residing at a settlement in Port Moresby have been given a chance to read and write through the establishment of a community learning centre–the first of its kind in the area.
Yesterday, Digicel PNG Foundation launched the centre at Paga Hill settlement in downtown Port Moresby in a ceremony witnessed by members of the community, including plenty of children.
The facility came with a double cabinet, a mobile black board including fifteen smaller boards for writing on and 250 books for children donated by Hope Worldwide in PNG.
According to project coordinator, Naus Kamal, and chief executive officer Marina Van der Vlies, Digicel Foundation had successfully completed 31 similar projects around the country under the community initiative introduced by the Department for Community Development and yesterday saw the successful launch of its 32nd.
“Digicel Foundation is working in line with the Department of Community Development, the department of education including faith-based organisations in the community initiative by providing basic infrastructure like community learning facilities to support work on ground,” Mr Kamal said.
“The centre at Paga Hill will be used as resource centre for everybody including women and youths but the focus for the time being is on children who have missed out on basic education,” Mr Kamal said.
Community leader Robbin Mua thanked Digicel for the facilities which he said would make learning for children more fun, easier and comfortable.