Real landowners are hidden


THERE are many issues that are drawing people’s attention.
One of them is the case of Wafi-Golpu.
We the people of Morobe are very concerned about our land because we have already seen some bad decisions made in the case of Wafi-Golpu by some of our elected leaders.
We elected them to make right and honest decisions based on godly principles, but things are going differently now.
I just want to speak the truth which I knew from my childhood.
I believe other Morobeans, especially those living around the Wafi mining area and people of that particular district, may also confirm with me.
The original landowners are still there. We have to identify them.
Other fellow Morobeans must stand up for the truth and reveal it.
The Yantas and Hengambus, migrated from Palakris, Zenag area and Babuafs migrated from Gulf.
Now, you tell me: who are the original landowners?
For this reason, our National Government must not create problems. They have to work together to build a proper and clear foundation of the mining before moving on to the next phase.
May God reveal the truth and bless Morobe richly.

PK Andine
Saruwaged Range