Reasearch looks into the mind of a student

Normal, Youth & Careers

The National,Wednesday18 January 2012

A RESEARCH based on how the human brain works and the academic performance of individuals has been conducted to give parents greater insight into their children’s learning capabilities and equip students with different learning methods.
Pr Gibson Lohia from the Seventh-Day Adventist church, who is carrying out the research based on personal observations and consultations, said everyday he was confronted by young adults who were eager to learn and pursue their dreams.
He said after speaking with certain individuals, he realised the need to go in-depth with the study.
Lohia said this was one approach he was undertaking to help encourage young people to use their God-given brain in study, reflection, analyse learning and research projects and not think of themselves as failures.
“Nobody is a failure unless he or she chooses to,” he said.
Lohia said what a
student believed in his heart would shape how they did and what they became.
He said there was no limit to education and that the brain was the key factor and those adults interested in learning should use it to revitalise their learning concepts, perceptions and think positively.
He said working class and self-employed parents affected their child’s learning by not spending quality time spent with children or through the lack of financial support for school fees.
His book, Never Ending Learning, took almost six years and it is in its final stages of proof reading and editing.