Rebuild this nation


THE age of development began on Jan 26, 1949 – Harry Truman.
A new world order was created, the development beacon was placed in its axis so as to guide all aspiring developing nations towards it – as the lighthouse of the voyaging sailors.
Seventy years on, PNG among these sailors keep sailing towards the lighthouse.
But the lighthouse keeps receding further and further away from reach.
In 44 years or so, some 79 countries had passed us in all facets in the UN Human Development Index (HDI) ratings.
What could have gone wrong, we ask?
So we resorted to all kinds and types of reforms both administrative and legislative but to no avail. In fact it is adding salt on the infected wound.
We remain reeled and staggering in the abyss of poverty and debt – at K28 billion today.
The virtue of our rich endowment has meant nothing but profits for them!
We remain drunkards bumping into the brick wall yet can’t see and make amends.
Manifestos (grand political statements) of Marape or Martin Luther King Jr will not save us from the vantage point of the proclamation.
Actually leaving the pulpit and joining the flocks will save the herd/congregation from digression and sustained misery.
Take down the statecraft and rebuild.
It is not an option but a choice we should take in cover of the 2022 national general election through a constitutional vote by parliament.
We did it for Bougainville why not ourselves on the main motherland?
Our children will curse us for our inaction today – and that’d be insanity!

Cyril Gare, Via email