Recall notice put on State vehicles sold for peanuts



Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro is urging those who purchased eight vehicles from the district earlier this year to return them by next week.
He said the district development authority (DDA) was in the process of recouping these state assets bought at around K26,000.
Uguro said these 10-seater vehicles were sold by the previous DDA without a proper tender process.
When asked about the price of one of these vehicles, Uguro said there were sold as low as K2000-K3000 each.
“We found out in our recent meeting (DDA) a number of discrepancies, a number of vehicles were sold without a proper tender process.
“These vehicles were one to two years old. These vehicles are State assets so we (current DDA) have sent out a circular through the district office on Monday, we are asking those who bought the vehicles to return them.
“We are trying to fix the procurement process. The sale of government assets should have been done through the provincial supply and tenders board.
“My appeal to these people who bought the vehicles is to return them.
“If they fail to, police will be involved. Once we get the vehicles, we will properly value them and put them out on tender.
“What I am going to do with these vehicles is we have agriculture, education, police. We need an ambulance. These vehicles will benefit the people of Usino-Bundi.”