Recognise, involve persons with disabilities, says Kapi

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

THE inclusion of persons with disability in the election process should be the way forward for recognition and inclusion of this special category of people in the national life of Papua New Guineans, National Board for Disabled Persons chairman Brown Kapi said.
While thanking the government and the Electoral Commission for disabled people in the 2012 general election, Kapi hoped this was the “stepping stone” and that greater recognition would follow.
 “For the first time, the government has recognised a group of people who were seen as marginalised to participate in this year’ general elections,” he said
“We’ve missed out in taking part in such big events but I’m thankful to the Electoral Commission for recognising people living with disabilities to cast their votes.
“And we are hoping that what has happened is a stepping stone for people with disabilities to participate,” Kapi said.
He also called on business houses and government departments to re-look at their policies and programmes to find out where PLWDs could be taken on board.
“What has happened now is that our rights as marginalised people have been recognised and we have felt that we were empowered for more PLWDs to cast their votes and even contest for the next general election in 2017.”