Recognise teachers in Morobe


TO our Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu, our teachers have not been given incentives in any form since you became the governor.
As a former teacher, I think it would be good if teachers are recongnised while you are in office.
Maybe it is already late now, as your term of service is almost over now.
But in the meantime, can you come up with new ideas on how to raise the education standards at this time when we already have a vibrant provincial programme adviser?
It is always our desire to see young leaders who can prioritise human resources and standards for our province and the country.
Infrastructural funding is good but who will pilot the real execution of implementing new policies and propaganda?
Wake up, if you want to continue in this task, otherwise we are a minority that can affect the whole province for the change of the government of tomorrow.

Hard Work Saputun

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