Recognise the work of teachers

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FOR teachers at the PNG Education Institute (PNGEI) in Port Moresby, yesterday was a time of reflection and recognition for their efforts and time in educating the children of PNG.
As they marked the International Teachers’ Day, the institute’s IT manager Neville Unduka said teaching would always have its ups and downs and there would always be problems along the way.
However, Mr Unduka said, as teachers, they would stand firm in their commitment to serve the children and the nation.
He said teaching was like a ministry where the message must be delivered to those that need it to help them prosper in life.
“Christ Jesus had been a wonderful teacher in his short life on earth, so following his example, we can portray what he did to win the hearts of the multitude of people,” he said.
Mr Unduka said the  Teachers’ Day should also be celebrated at all Government levels.
“Teachers are quiet achievers of great things and great builders of a nation and, as such, the Government should recognise and appreciate teachers’ tireless service especially those retiring, for their contribution in the human resource development and of this nation.
“I will take these to the Education Department and the Education Minister, James Marape, to get their attention on this issue and also make this day known to be celebrated by all Government levels,” he said.
Meanwhile, PNGEI president, Joseph Jorea Ambuya, said there were no collaboration and less attention from the Education Department from the top level.
“We have asked for them to attend the event but none have turned up but that will not stop us, from celebrating our day,” he said.
“We represent all of PNG, so if they are not able to recognise the day by not being here to celebrate with us, then there’s no point in making big policies because we are the ones who would be implementing them; we are the foundation,” he said.
“We have been over looked on our special day and this is very disappointing to us, as we have also asked for some funding to make this day an eventful one but have not received anything,” he said.   
He thanked those who made an attempt to attend and celebrate the day, saying that they looked forward to better things ahead in the future.