Recount shows Wingti leading in WHP regional race

National, Normal

The National,Friday July 13th, 2012

CALCULATION errors on Wednesday in the Western Highlands has caused a recount resulting in rejigging of first and second placings after count seven.
The figures on Wednesday showed Governor Tom Olga leading with 6, 593 and former prime minister Paias Wingti trailing with 6,312.
However, following the correction yesterday at the counting venue in Kimininga police barracks, Wingti was back in the lead with 4,538, followed by Governor Tom Olga on 4,197, Wai Rapa on 2,422 and Pr Tom Pu Watinga trailing with 2,364.
Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma is leading in Hagen open electorate with 6,825 after count nine.
Duma is followed by Joe Yoka Ekip with 1,565 and former Chief Executive Office of the National Gaming Control Board Simon Sanagkein third place with 1,496 while Stanley Nui is trailing with 352.
Tambul-Nebilyer sitting MP Benjamin Poponawa was maintaining his lead with 3,934 after count 16.
He is followed by lawyer Paul Mawa with 2,435 votes while former MP Thomas Negints is in third place with 1,872 and Dr Fred Kuman Wurr in fourth place with 1,756.
After count 18 in the Mul-Baiyer open seat Koi Trape polls 3,129 votes to lead the race.
Sitting MP Sani Rambi is next with 2,045, David Morris on 1,555 and Peter Numa Koim on 649.
In the Dei open race Wikai Membi takes over the lead from MP Puri Ruing with 2,978 votes after count 12.
Ruing is on the second place with 2,252, followed by Sol Solo Mel on 2,067 and James Pini trailing on the fourth position with 1,834 votes.