Recruit on merit


THE last time a vacancy on court reporting officers was published in the newspaper, and with me being unemployed for quite a while, I applied.
I met all the requirements, having graduated from a secretarial college with a minimum of 42 words per minute shorthand.
I have attended various other shorthand and other courses.
I have vast and extensive work experience in the public service.
I was then told by a relative working there that the recruitment officers there said I met all requirements, however, to be considered for the role, I had to pay K300.
I had no money and could not afford such corrupt practices so I turned this offer down.
Today again, I see this advertisement on trainee court reporting officers and trainee technically-qualified court reporting officers.
I am calling on the management of NJSS to ensure that there is transparency in recruitment.
May all applicants be recruited on merit, and not some backdoor deals.

Frustrated applicant
Papua Wandari