Recruitment process should be graft-free


I AM disappointed with the way recruitment and selection is done about police reservists.
As reported in The National yesterday (Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 – Pg2), training director Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou said explained that recruitment and selection was done by a company to avoid corruption in the process after disgruntled applicants went to Bomana to express their frustration about a biased selection.
For transparency’s sake, can N’Dranou name who that recruiting agency is because we have only a few recruiting agencies here in Port Moresby?
This is peculiar because in the media the previous day, there was a picture showing police personnel sitting at a table and sorting out reservist applications.
We expect good ethics to be displayed from the Police Department.
Apart from police reservist recruitment, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (PNGC) Centre of Excellence at Bomana College advertised about 100 position vacancies which closed on July 30, 2021.
To date, some of us who were more experienced and qualified have not heard back from yet.
This goes to show that there is still corruption in the department.
I for one was expecting at least to be shortlisted for an interview but I was not even considered and I wonder how the selection was done.
I wouldn’t mind if I was not the final candidate after an interview but not even being shortlisted for an interview leaves a lot for me to ponder about with regards to recruitment.
One can assume that the police is also no different to the defence force where a lot of nepotism and bribery is involved.
This can also be said for Government agencies where nepotism plays a big part in the selection and recruitment process, overlooking the very talented and most experienced applicants with work ethics.
What the Government agencies need to do is that, if there are 10 applicants for a particular position, select four or five who meet the selection criteria and assess them in the interview process.
The interview is where potential applicants will stand out.
I was shortlisted for a position in a Government agency.
I went for an interview and did extremely well in front of the selection panel.
My total score was over 80 to be the potential candidate for the position, instead, the HR (human resource) manager opted for her relative (female).
How did I know this?
My friend who works in the same organisation in the same division saw the score sheet summary indicating my points were higher than the current employee.
I don’t know how she performed in the interview but I am sure that nepotism played its role in overlooking the qualified applicant.
I am in the process of suing that organisation and preparing my legal documents.
Over to the recruitment team.

Hard to get a job based on merit