Red Cross visits Igam care centre

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

MEMBERS of the Red Cross Lae branch last weekend visited people at the Igam Care Centre to distribute relief supplies to families camping there.
The mainly Highlanders moved there at the height of ethnic unrest between Morobeans and Highlanders at Bumayong, just outside Lae more than a month ago.
Other activities conducted there included awareness and dissemination of pamphlets on the work of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and basic first aid demonstrations.  
Red Cross volunteer Thomas Ipako presented the lessons on health and community first aid.
The session was well received by the 33 family heads who attended.
People at the care centre are unsure how long they will be there.
Most said they could not return to their respective provinces because they had lived all their lives in Lae.
Communities from around Lae have been donating food and supplies to them.