Redesign ‘killer corner’ immediately

Letters, Normal

THE loss of two more innocent lives last Friday at the Harbour City section of the Poreporena Freeway in Konedobu is totally unacceptable.
After the last accident which left several people dead, the former Works minister Don Polye said in the two local dailies and EMTV that the “killer corner” section of the road would be redesigned and that the Works Department would commence work immediately with a contractor to ensure safety is guaranteed.
Less than 12 months later, two young brothers from Enga province lost their lives last Friday.
This is unacceptable.
It was reported the driver of the semi-trailer was travelling at a high speed and lost control.
Heavy vehicles such as the semi-trailers should be banned from using the Hohola to Konedobu section of the freeway.
Another big problem to the whole issue is that the Traffic Police and National Road Safety officials are doing absolutely nothing to arrest motorists who are speeding and turning a blind eye on visibly old and not road worthy vehicles.
Unless the Government and Works Department do something urgently to rectify the problem immediately, the “killer corner” will continue to claim more lives.


Kone employee
Via email