Referendum issue


CHANGING Governments, prime ministers, ministers, and continuous changing of laws, and policy reforms over the last 40 years actually change nothing at all.
Our HDI statistics is even worsened since independence.
Like a hell driver, we keep bumping the car into the brick wall which we can’t penetrate.
Absolute absurdity!
While we reel in confusion into oblivion, the stealing of our resources is fast tracked after handcuffing our hands with a K28 billion sovereign debt and mortgaging of all our resource assets … a deep drop into the abyss of darkness for which our children will curse us forever.
Under this leadership, we are starring beggars before Australia or China for their mercy to bail us out yet fail to introduce stringent belt tightening measures from within our fiscal strata.
In doing so unconsciously overtime, we have cut ourselves from the umbilical cord of mother constitution and floating away like a ship without a captain into the vast dark ocean.
Every attempt to revert and reaching back the light house is fading as the light house is further receding far and far away from reach. It’s time to come ashore and enough of floating.
Reconstruct the entire state craft through a Referendum in 2022.
Pose real questions to the 8million shareholders of PNG about a political ideology change, development models, resource laws, tribal boundaries instead of provincial boundaries, tribal appointments instead of elections, etc.
Referendum is a right in the constitution and just as it was used and applied for Bougainville’s political future, we on the mainland PNG demand one for our very own political future too.
Should Parliament fail in its wisdom to consider a referendum for mainland PNG in 2022, then more resentment for autonomy can be expected from provinces and nationalists groups which are symptoms of a disintegrated nation in the waiting.

Cyril Gare, Via email

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