Referendum roll details released

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THE Bougainville Referendum Commission has released a detailed breakdown of the referendum roll, including the numbers of Bougainvilleans enrolled by constituency.
Chief referendum officer Mauricio Claudio, pictured, said the total of 206,731 enrolled, when broken down by constituency, reflected the most extensive and inclusive enrolment processes of Bougainvilleans ever conducted.
In the referendum roll, a total of 194,016 enrolled were resident Bougainvilleans out of which 98,565 were men and 95,371 were women. Non-resident Bougainvilleans enrolled was 12,715 comprising 6,846 men and 5,844 women.
In the three regions in Bougainville, North Bougainville had 81,048, who are enrolled, Central Bougainville with 57,043 enrolments, and South Bougainville with 55,925 enrolments.
“The referendum roll demonstrates three things. Firstly, this referendum will include almost equal numbers of men and women. Secondly it will include a high number of young people reflecting Bougainville’s age demographics – including those who turn 18 on or before Nov 23. Thirdly BRC has gone above and beyond to extend enrolment of eligible Bougainvilleans overseas and in every PNG province,” he said.
Claudio said the overwhelming proportion (94 per cent) of Bougainvilleans voting would be those living in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, as these voters constitute 94 per cent of the roll.
“We believe that the numbers illustrate that the intention of the Bougainville Peace Agreement has been met – that the people of Bougainville can have their say about the future of Bougainville through an internationally recognised process,” he said.
“While no electoral roll was perfect, the BRC acknowledges the efforts of everyone involved.”

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